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Taking Care of the Earth

Stop. Breathe. Look around you. Seek out the beauty. Savour the moment – this one right now. 
At The Organic Alchemist, our philosophy is simple. Life at full throttle isn’t sustainable. Slowing down and taking care is integral to our wellbeing and to that of the planet. As custodians of Mother Nature for future generations, we need to treat her with respect.


That means embedding earth-loving and holistic protocols into everything we do, from recyclable materials to ethical banking. 

These are the ways we live The Organic Alchemist truth

We use as many certified 100% organic and fair-trade ingredients as possible, and every one is consciously and sustainably sourced.


All our packaging materials are fully recyclable. We offer a collection service for empty jars for Brighton and Hove based customers, sterilising and reusing them.


Our entire collection is cruelty free. The range is vegetarian- and vegan-friendly (the  Radiant Beauty Balm and Hydrating Rose Mask can be formulated vegan-friendly on request).


Our skincare is completely free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, petroleum, mineral oil and synthetic dyes.


We purchase our recycled paper bags and reusable cotton bags from a local company, helping to minimise our carbon footprint.


Giving back is important to us. We donate a percentage of profits from our online sales to the Brighton based Martlets Hospice, where Katherine also volunteers to provide a complimentary reflexology service. 


We choose to use an ethical bank, so we know our money is being invested well.


All our products are handmade in micro batches and are packaged in British-made amber glass. This helps to prevent discolouration caused by blue light and provides protection against ultraviolet rays.

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Taking Time for You

Every moment offers us a choice...


Holistic living is more than just a lovely new product on the bathroom shelf. 

The Organic Alchemist's product are part of a deeper vision we hold for true wellbeing: a daily commitment to make choices that nurture, nourish and heal – not just your skin, but all of you. Even incremental changes can have profound effects if practised every day. 

After years of working with clients from all walks of life facing different challenges, we discovered the importance of what we call The Vital Five. Part of the ebb and flow of holistic living, they allow you to find your own path to embodied health. 

The Vital Five for healthy body, mind and skin

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Aromatherapy Benefits

Here at The Organic Alchemist, we believe beauty isn’t just skin deep. 

We use the highest grade, pure essential oils and are driven by the latest scientific research on their healing potential for the mind and body, as well as the skin. Aromatherapy works on an emotional level by stimulating the smell receptors in the nose which in turn send messages through the nervous system to the limbic system in the brain – the seat of our emotions and memory. 

Katherine’s years as a holistic therapist come to the fore in her creations – then, as now, she wanted to help heal the whole person. You can find out more about how our essential oils work on the skin here and read the further benefits below.

Some of the mind and body benefits of our favourite essential oils include: