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Pure, natural, wild-harvested plant power

Our reverence for nature finds its expression through an ingredients list that’s as powerful as it is pure. From an almost endless array of possibilities, we have identified 50 potent elements.
Expertly selected and lovingly formulated, their individual strengths and interactions are harnessed in products that effectively cleanse, nourish and rebalance your skin. 

​Drawing out this interplay of scents, properties and potential is something of an alchemical process. Each of The Organic Alchemist's products went through many formulations before the perfect combination was discovered.  
At the heart of this exploration is The Organic Alchemist signature blend, Radiance Elixir: a nutrient-rich infused oil which is used as needed throughout the range, taking our skincare to a new healing level. 

Radiance Elixir - our unique, signature blend of six potent wild harvested medicinal plants incorporated into our formulations. 


Meet our hero ingredients.

Ingredients list A-Z

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