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These wonderful oils are made up of a strong 25% essential oil blend to provide a powerful aromatherapy experience and can be used in the shower or bath.


Calm The Mind blend
Helps to relax the central nervous system and promote a restful, deep sleep, thanks to the beautiful combination of frankincense and rose.


Immunity Support blend

Comprising six potent essential oils which help to support the immune system, the oil can be used when feeling a little run down or to aid in detoxification of the body.


Caution: not suitable for use in pregnancy.

Calm The Mind and Immunity Support Bath and Shower Oil Duo 2 x 60ml


These oils can be used in two ways: either by massaging a small amount of your chosen oil onto dry skin and then stepping into a hot shower or by pouring a quarter of a bottle into a full bath and bathing for at least 15 minutes. 
To allow the essential oils to absorb into the bloodstream and promote a restful sleep, it is recommended to have a bath 3 hours before bedtime.
The Immunity Support blend works well as an invigorating shower in the morning. Remember to take nice deep breaths in through the nose to allow the oils to help clear the head and sinuses – your very own steam room experience.

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