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The nutritious blend of oils and butters in this luxurious foot scrub, combined with the invigorating essential oils of tea tree and peppermint with natural pumice powder, will totally transform dry, tired feet.


Followed by the easily absorbed Deeply Nourishing Foot Balm (formulated for daily use), will help to maintain soft and supple skin. The perfect foot care duo.


Caution: Deeply Nourishing Foot Balm contains nut oil.


The Deeply Nourishing Foot Balm can be made vegan by omitting the organic beeswax.

Deeply Nourishing Foot Scrub 120ml and Foot Balm 60ml Duo


Massage a small amount of scrub into dry feet for a few minutes, increasing the pressure on any areas where the skin feels harder, like the heels and sides of the feet.
Soak or rinse feet in warm water to remove the scrub, or for a more intensive treatment, massage into dry skin and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing off.
Dry the feet and then massage a small amount of our easily absorbed, heavenly scented Deeply Nourishing Foot Balm into the skin, for a complete foot care ritual.

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