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To help reduce our use of plastic, we are delighted to offer our hand and body washes without the plastic pump, at a reduced cost. Simply unscrew and transfer the pump from your empty bottle into the new one and send the glass back to us, to be sterilised and reused.


Free from sulphates, parabens and palm oil, this organic hand and body wash contains balancing geranium essential oil with invigorating and detoxifying rosemary oil. This gorgeous scent never fails to encourage a nice deep breath.

Equilibrium Hand and Body Wash No pump 200ml


This body wash can be applied directly onto the skin in the shower, or for more of a lathering, massaging effect, pump a little of the wash onto a wet sponge or cloth and massage into the skin in circular motions all over the body, and then rinse off.
Taking a few nice, deep breaths as the shower heats up and steam begins to form is a great way to have a mini steam experience. The balancing, uplifting aroma will help to energise the body and mind while promoting a sense of feeling grounded.

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