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Key Ingredients: Radiance Elixir, Apricot Kernel Oil, Chamomile, Helichrysum.


Combining the anti-inflammatory properties of our nutrient rich Radiance Elixir with calming Chamomile and Blue Tansy, this lightweight cleansing oil helps to balance dry, unbalanced or irritated skin whilst ensuring a thorough cleanse. Removing excess oils and impurities with or without the use of water, this is an ideal oil to use for your morning cleanse and for a fabulous second cleanse in the evening.

Herbal Infusion Cleansing Oil 100ml with organic bamboo cloth


Place two pumps of Herbal Infusion Cleansing Oil into the palm and press hands together.
Hold palms against your cheeks, forehead and chin, and then smooth down the neck.
Massage into the skin for one minute, using fingertips and fingers. 
Using either a damp, hot face cloth or a dry face cloth, gently press and pat away the excess oil.
Use the cloth over one fingertip to wipe along the nose and hairline.
Tap gently over your face with fingertips.
Close ritual with a facial oil and moisturiser/balm, as needed. 

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