This invigorating hand and room spray instantly uplifts and energises. An alcohol-based spray (70%) blended with eight of the best antibacterial and antiviral essential oils to maximise protection and support natural immunity against harmful viruses and germs, without leaving a sticky residue.


Caution: flammable. Do not spray near the face and eyes. Do not use around animals. Do not use as a room spray if heavily asthmatic.

Immunity Support Hand and Room Spray 50ml


Spray 4-5 pumps around the room and then leave to settle. The beautiful, energising aroma will linger, encouraging positivity and a sense of wellbeing.
Harnessing the power to kill viral spores in the air and on the hands, the oils will help to support our natural immune system to help fight off unwanted bugs.
Two pumps may also be sprayed directly onto the hands and rubbed in to help to kill bacterial and viral spores (but as with any alcohol-based product, this can make the skin on the hands dry with continued use).

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