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The perfect pair of two long-standing customer favourites.


Nourishing Hand Wash

This beautifully fragranced organic hand wash leaves the skin feeling cleansed and hydrated. Combining lavender, ylang ylang and petitgrain essential oils, it’s a wonderfully calming liquid soap that is gentle enough to be used all over the body. 


Nourishing Hand Cream

Enriched with antioxidant-rich peach kernel oil and protective, nutritious shea butter, blended with calming lavender, petitgrain and patchouli essential oils, this hand cream nourishes to leave hands and nails feeling soft, supple and smelling divine, without a greasy residue.

Nourishing Hand Wash and Hand Cream Duo 200ml and 120ml


Wash and dry your hands with this beautiful scented soap and then massage a small amount of Nourishing Hand Cream into the skin, taking extra time to massage any areas that feel tight and a little sore. Bring your hands up to your nose and close your eyes, take a few nice, long deep breaths and feel your whole body relax. 

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