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Key Ingredients: Radiance Elixir, Hazelnut Oil, Olive Squalane Oil, Palmarosa and Geranium.


It’s a long-held myth that oil shouldn’t be applied to oily complexions. Oil is in fact beautifully nurturing to problem skin as demonstrated in this facial oil with organic hazelnut, jojoba and rosehip oils alongside palmarosa and petitgrain essential oils, balancing and regulating the skin’s natural oil production. The powerhouse ingredients in Radiance Elixir as well as olive squalane oil add essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and calming anti-inflammatories.


Formulated for oily, combination, teenage and hormonally imbalanced skin.


Caution: contains nut oil and Petitgrain can be photosensitising, always wear sunscreen.

Rebalancing Facial Oil 30ml


Warm 3-4 drops of oil in hands by gently pressing palms together. 
Hold palms to face and inhale the beautiful aromatherapy through the nose.
Gently press both hands into cleansed, damp skin, starting with cheeks, then forehead, chin and neck.
Repeat three times.
Gently massage and tap any excess into the skin using fingertips. 

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