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Get ready to revolutionise your skincare rituals...

Discover a 5,000 year old beauty secret set to elevate your facial routine to new heights. Kansa Wands date back to ancient India (predating both gua sha and jade rollers) and are made from the same metal as gongs and mediation bowls – an alloy held sacred in Ayurveda for its alkalising and healing properties. The smooth, rounded surface is massaged over your face, improving lymphatic drainage, stimulating circulation, reducing puffiness and balancing the skin’s pH levels. While drawing out toxins and acids from the skin, Kansa Wands also help to balance the three Ayurvedic doshas - pita (fire), vata (air) and kapha (water).

We're delighted to bring you our pair of beautiful, easy-to-use Kansa Wands,handmade in India by an Ayurvedic company.

Read more about these beauties here,

Pair of Kansa Wands


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