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Kansa Wands - the 5,000 year old beauty secret for radiant skin

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

The Wonderful World of Kansa Wands

As you probably know by now, I’m passionate about facial massage. It’s an easy, quick way to promote firmer, healthier skin, to enhance lymph drainage and improve circulation for a naturally vibrant glow, and incredibly relaxing to boot. That’s why we’re very excited to share our Organic Alchemist Kansa Wands - a 5,000-year-old beauty secret set to elevate your facial routine to new heights. Hand-made in India by an Ayurvedic company, they come in a beautiful pair.

  • What is a Kansa Wand?

Have you heard about Kansa Wands yet? They actually date back to ancient India, predating both gua sha and jade rollers which originated in China. Made from the same metal as gongs and mediation bowls – often called ‘bell metal’ - kansa (bronze) is an alloy of 80% copper and 20% tin held sacred in Ayurveda. Originally used during India’s Bronze Age to craft cups that purified drinking water and plates that were said to support digestion, the metal then became a revered facial tool when its capacity to neutralise acidity was recognised as wonderful for the complexion. While drawing out toxins and acids from the skin, Kansa Wands also help to balance the three Ayurvedic doshas - pita (fire), vata (air) and kapha (water).

  • How does a Kansa Wand work?

Our aptly named ‘mushroom’ Kansa Wands come in a pair, each with a dome-shaped metal head and an ergonomic wooden handle. The smooth, rounded surface is massaged over your face, improving lymphatic drainage which in turn reveals brighter, clearer skin. By stimulating circulation, the wands give you a radiant glow and reduces puffiness, while the kansa metal itself helps to balance the skin’s pH levels and protect the face’s acid mantle (a fine, slightly acidic invisible barrier on the skin’s surface). On a deeper level, the kansa is believed in Ayurveda to unblock the seven energy centres of the body or ‘chakras’ allowing energy to flow freely and increasing overall vitality.

  • How to use a Kansa Wand on your face

Kansa Wands are best used in conjunction with a vitamin- and mineral-rich facial product – the combination enables both to work at their absolute best. We recommend using the kansa wand to massage in either our Overnight Treatment Facial Oil for a lovely evening ritual or our Replenishing Facial Oil or Rebalancing Facial Oil for a deeply nourishing daytime treat. Apply your oil as you normally would; warm in your hands, inhale and gently dab into your facial skin. Then, use your Kansa Wands to make small, circular movements starting at your temples – you’ll notice that the wands very quickly warm to skin temperature and smooth beautifully over your face but it’s very important to use an oil or serum so they don't drag the skin. Use upward strokes around the jaw area to tone the facial muscles here, and sweep over the forehead and around the eye sockets, flowing out to the sides of the face. Maintain a slow, steady rhythm throughout and a pressure that feels toning and firm but never hard. Finish by massaging the sides of your neck to stimulate the lymph glands here and help to release any toxins.

  • Why has my Kansa Wand turned my face grey?

Don’t panic! This is a very common occurrence when using Kansa Wands and is actually a sign that it’s working well. As acidity and toxins are drawn to the surface of the skin, there’s a reaction between the pure metal and the acid called oxidisation. Use a warm, soft cloth to wipe your face clean and remove any residue.

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